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Welcome to  Zentences!

probably [as of early 1999] the first NON-linear, exponential
and NON-Aristotelian
you have ever had
in your hands, under your mouse
or, especiALLY, "in" your BIOcyberNETicircuiTRY.
because Zentences! may undermind the credibility
of linear semantics while reprogramming you for speciesurvivalinguistics.
Zentences! is to movable type as movable type has been to the quill pen!
L. E. A. R. N. -- Let's Erase And Reprogram Now!
Headquarters Intergalactic Psychic Police (HIPP)
 frOM Sol's seventheaven planet, Uranus

H E R E   is  o n e  NOUN - verb  combination  of  a  possible
32,400  in  Zentences! by les ego
N O U N S . . . .
                                                   . . . . .  v e r b s hiding in my mirror.
C=N squared!  180 x 180 = 32,400
What "truth" might the other 31,399  "tell" us?

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"Squared" Yin-yang
2x2=4, frOM ancient
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copyrighted by rev les ego

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