New Garden should grace the WTC Site
as a fitting memorial to those who lost their lives

Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett's mid-July 1984 photo of The Garden of Eden, NYC eARThWORK, before its vandalization by three govERRnme(a)nts in 1985-86, with the World Trade Center towers in background.
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We the undersigned AGREE that the NYC World Trade Center site should be used to create a "New Garden of Eden" with Adam Purple, creator of "The Garden of Eden" (1974-1986 in NYC), as Head Gardener -- as proposed in Bill Not Bored's article  inspired by Michael Sorkin, director of the Graduate Program in Urban Design at City College, who wrote, "The radical act of the terrorists opens a space for us to think radically as well." in his article published in the Sunday Mazagine section of The New York Times of 11 November 2001. 

We support the idea of creating the "New Garden of Eden" for the following reasons: 

A garden is a sacred space and will best honor those who died at the WTC site. 

It will be an "eARThWORK," (a work of Art made from earth) that will attract millions who will come to receive grace and give honor from all over the world 

It will provide an appropriate memorial. 

Original photos of "The Garden of Eden" in NYC can be seen at: 


The Undersigned 


An Environmental "Radical Transformation"
As published in the 1985 Proceedings of the Environmental Design Research Association
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