AUTHOR'S NOTE toZentences! 1971
(after the title had been changed from
"Meditation Manual for Mini-Minds and Mystics"

Zentences! is dedicated [livacated] to Jenean Camille W.[*] (born 15 December 1955), Lenore Annette W.[*] (born 15 January 1958), Laurielove, and the memory of  D.T. Suzuki and Alfred  Korzybski. [and the late William "cut-apART poetry" Burroughs].

About 500 copies of handmade editions similar in structure to this edition were distributed under the title 'Meditation Manual for Mini-Minds and Mystics' between October, 1967, in New South Wales, Australia, and 1971 in New York City.  Inasmuch as the first edition came into existence ACCIDENTALLY, it seems proper to mention a possible sub-title: 'An accidental inquiry, perhaps mystical, into the non-Aristotelian (non-linear) structure of semantic "truth".'

The number of zentences in this [1971] book is equal to the number of  top pages multiplied by the number of bottom pages, including blank pages [C = n squared or n x n, or 48 x 48 = 2304].  Almost none of the zentences herein was written as a COMPLETE UNIT OF THOUGHT --which should leave the reader to wonder (1) why any is 'true' if conscious thought was not involved, and (2) where the 'truth' of  the zentence came from?

The contents of any copy of a book of Zentences! may be changed simply by trading top and/or bottom pages with any other copy and/or by writing new singular nouns (personal names are particularly potent) and/or singular verb phrases on a few of the blank half-pages ['Dutch-door' style] provided.  Each book should be left, however, with at least one blank top page and one blank bottom page (for Zen reasons)!

These mathematical and structural properties permit the construction and reconstruction of a practically infinite number of DIFFERENT books [N.B., the 'loose' half-pages were clicked into 6-hole loose-leaf ring binders, which seem to have become antiques since 1971!].

The author will appreciate receiving suggestions of singular nouns and/or [singular] verb phrases from readers for subsequent editions of Zentences!  This may [z]encourage everyone to share the creative excitement of playing the most transcendental word-game to have appeared since the invention of movable type
[in Europe by Johann Gutenberg in 1436-7,  although movable type had been used in Korea fifty years earlier]. --New York City, 1971

(The author [les ego] is pastor of the catholic union mission, a cryptogrammic acronym.)

*Last name deleted and changed on "original" birth certificates in Jefferson City, Mo., and Pierre, S.D., respectively, in about 1967. 

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